vWorkApp API: Getting Started

Getting started with vWorkApp’s API

Welcome to vWorkApp’s API! Our API gives you a chance to add vWorkApp’s dispatching functionality to other platforms. Dig into our API to integrate vWorkApp with your existing workflow, or combine vWorkApp with third party tools to make something new.

The base URL for our API is: api.vworkapp.com/api

What can you build?

vWorkApp’s API allows you to build our dispatching functionality into other software. For example, you can use our API so that our dispatch software works hand-in-hand with your CRM software. You can also hook vWorkApp up with an SMS service (such as www.Twillio.com) to have an SMS message sent to your customers before each job. You can also pull data from vWorkApp’s API to produce a tailored management report.

Getting your API key

You need to have an account with vWorkApp to obtain an API key. Create a vWorkApp account here. Once you have an account, send an email to support@vworkapp.com requesting your API key.

Where to get more help

There is a list of frequently asked questions on our helpdesk page. If you get stuck, please don't hesitate to send us an email at: support@vworkapp.com